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Friday, August 22, 2014

6 weeks

It is hard to believe my little man is 6 weeks old already. It feels like he's always been here but it also feels like he just got here. Strange how that works. 
Cute little guy loves his crib!

He also loves grandma! 

His nightly bath always calms him down! 

Moot new place is right across the street from an elementary school so trevi is going to be able to play for hours!

Our cute yet full little kitchen!

Brett and Pa exploring the cathedral on campus!

From up in the cathedral!

Trevi has been such a good little girl lately that I treated her to frozen yogurt for her good behavior!

Our little man!

Harvey and Caleb ( only 3 days apart) poor Harvey is using hand me downs so everything is girl colors...

My view last night while talking to Brett!! Soaking up this PNW summer!!!

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