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Sunday, August 24, 2014

2 weeks left

We are trying to soak up our last 2 weeks here! We've been seeing friends and spending lots of time at grandmas! 

Trevi borrowing Harvey's changing table!

My morning now!

Skype with daddy?

Post feed snooze!

Pa brought Harvey back some Pitt gear!!

Harvey was sleeping and I was cleaning. Here's how I found Trevi after relazijg it has been awfully quiet for some time!

When your baby is taking a nap and you need to go somewhere... No sense in breaking the swaddle.

I found Trevi all covered by her blankets. She was a sweaty mess. 

Only fresh tap water for this cat!

We had a crazy Sunday morning and Harvey's naps were all off. Thankfully he's a champ and it resulted in a little extra cuddle time for me! The little fella will never be this small again... Not even tomorrow :(

Afternoon spent at grandmas! Rough life for these kiddos!

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