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Friday, August 15, 2014

Brett leaves for Pittsburgh tomorrow. It is crazy to think this journey Brett/we have been working toward for over a year is finally getting started. While I am dad to leave it only means the quicker we are done! It's bittersweet but I am going to do my best to hold back any tears because crying only makes it worse.

Chillin at grandmas! This will be missed greatly. The warm weather, my parents house and family. 

Now that's a milk coma!

Trevi and GG spending some quality time on stickers. 

GG is such an amazing woman!

The kiddos are ao lucky to have such an amazing GG! She is so active, loving and the kids think she is so fun because she will spend time playing with them!

Zoo shirt- Trevi's favorite!

We picked up the u-haul on Wednesday and as of today (Friday) it is full and ready to go! Trevi loved helping!

Helping dad!

Maybe he should just take her in the front seat with him!

Tired boy!

I've never seen a baby who likes to be swaddled as much! 

And in case you're wondering where Harvey weighs in this week you're in luck because we weighed him.
He's is 10lb 12oz at 5 week which is in the 66th%!  We love our little pork chop!

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