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Friday, August 1, 2014

Harvey photo dump! And a few others as well!

Chillin at Lake Chelan!

It was hot but Harvey was happy in the shade!

Riding in the stroller to morning coffee!

Facilitate business in Lake Chelan! Yummy pastries and delicious coffee! Sorry Starbucks... You'll never get my money.

Holding Harvey for the first time! It only took 3 weeks and hasn't happened again since. 

Sitting in traffic on the pass while they blast

Killing time watching Entourage!

When you're a second kid you use what we already so... Pink soothies it is. Sorry little man.

Mean mug.

Fluffy hair after his nightly bath!

Happy little man!

Loving the warm weather! 


An afternoon boat ride with my girl! Been missing my time with her since our little man came along. 

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