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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pittsburgh Move!

Our stuff is officially in Pittsburgh and Brett (and Pa) are unpacking and setting up our new place!  It is fun to get pictures and hear about the place we will live for the next 2 years!!!
Here's a whole bunch of pictures from their trip and our last few days without Daddy. Sorry they are out of order and there is such an abundance :)
Pulling out of the driveway on Saturday morning :(

Safe travels Daddy and Pa!

They made it to Billings on the first day.

Checking out the Mighty Mississippi!

Trevi picking some blackberries!
Building towers at the library lego day
We grabbed dinner at Lakebay one evening with Zach, Amy, Violet and Tommy! We even saw dolphins and tons of seals on the way!
The boat puts him right to sleep! Just like his daddy!
The girls are so silly and slightly wild!
Auntie Amy took the girls shopping on Sunday morning at U Village!!
A PNW baby for 3 more weeks!
Swaddled = sleep!
Dessert courtesy of grandma!
my little ones!
"Trevi, smile!"
Tummy time chats!
helpful big sister!
firework art while waiting at the post office
going even more green with a new stainless water bottle
GG and most of her beautiful grandbaby girls!
Spending the last night outside of Cleveland! What a journey!
It's official!
Doing their duty and going to Wall Drug in South Dakota!
Clearly they have not been getting enough sleep at night. Pa is doing a little catch up!
I hope they didn't stay here.  It looks like a motel from a horror movie.
They have arrived!!! Hoping the place is a good as we remember!
Little friends this morning! 3 of them!
Chillin in the sling!
A very empty U-Haul in Pittsburgh!
Hanging with my girl! Even though I love her little brother sometimes I miss time with just her and I.
Sending daddy some love!
Curious to see if Brett will get much put away in the next 2.5 weeks or if it will look like this when I arrive ;)
Wisconsin maybe?!?!?!

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