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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

4 more sleeps!

We head to Pittsburgh in less than a week! While we're sad to leave we are soooo ready to see daddy! Saturday can't come soon enough.

Blue eyed boy!

We got mail from daddy while he was on the road trip back east!

Auntie Erica Making a serious attempt to get Harv to wake up and eat. No luck.

Playing with friends Emma and Callie at the park! Their visiting from Sydney, Australia!

Getting closer to a smile!

A beach walk that resulted in lots of jelly fish!

Collecting treasures!

All she asks for is 'higher!!'

Grandma bought Trevi some sparkly new crocs!

All smiles all the time!

Lookey here! A smile! He definitely doesn't give them up very often. 

Tummy time!

We went and had dinner with GG at Merrill Gardens! The red jello was a huge hit!

Meeting baby Parker Grace! They weight exactly one pound different at approximately one month apart! 
Parker: 12 lb 14 oz (12 weeks) 
Harvey: 11 lb 14 oz (7 weeks)

My dad pulled out an ancient duffle bag for me to pack for Pittsburgh and he found this sweater. He bought this skiing in Austria in the early 1960's! It was still in great shape! 

Little man!

Trevi and I are often having snacks on the go so I got her this cute little compartment lunch box!

Stealing some snuggles!

I'm so smitten with this little guy!

Can we bring Yoki to Pittsburgh?!?
These two are such buddies!

Wubanub froggy friend!

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