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Friday, September 19, 2014

Frick Park

We spent the morning at Frick Park! It is awesome! Trevi played, climbed, ran and swung her heart out!! 
She scales anything and everything!

Balance beam

Along with the playground there is this beautiful area! A huge field and really nice walking paths! I'm sure there's so much more because this park is huge!

I spy a little girl running!!

Dips anyone?!

We found a friend!

"Hi, little buddy!"

Harvey was obviously very tired from sleeping in his stroller while we played at the park. He had back to back naps!

Finished his nap on the couch!

They played a little today and It makes me excited for the years to come!

Evening snooze in the sling!

A busy day ended with yummy chicken enchiladas!

Taking guinea for a ride tonight!

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