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Saturday, September 13, 2014

We've been in Pittsburgh for one week so far and the kiddos and I have been doing lots of exploring! Brett has been super busy with school but thankfully e has been making it home for bath and bedtime! 

Here's some of our adventures from the past week:
Ahhhh Target!  Going into a target always makes me feel normal and at home. Is that sad?! Oh well! This Target has an escalator for the shopping cart and Trevi is pretty much obsessed!

Oscar belongs to Alison, another student in Brett's program and a fellow study partner. We can't wait to meet Oscar!!

Morning snooze!

The zoo and time with G:
We had to check out the zoo while G was here! Pittsburgh has an awesome zoo and we will definitely be asking for a membership for the next holiday!!!

Harvey was a good little guy! 

Trevi has been talking about the flamingos for weeks and we finally saw them!
I'm not even sure I've ever seen them in person. They were super cool!

Trevi is the size of a 7 month old rhino!

The elephants were awesome and ao active!

There were even giraffes!

Bo also let us go out to dinner one night while was here! I'm pretty sure it will be our last date night for awhile so we really appreciate her hanging out while the kiddos sleep! We went to a very cute Italian restaurant in our neighborhood. we got to walk there!

Squid ink pasta with lobster!

Despite the smiles we were so sad to say goodbye to G :(

Life in Shadyside:
I made some homemade lasagna! Yum!

We are spending lots of time in the double stroller! 

How much is that doggie in the window?!

Funny enough... There was a cat in the next window!

We can walk to Whole Foods! It's seriously dangerous!

Trevi and I shared some olives on the way home! I love that she will eat olives from the olive bar!

Pittsburgh has a ton of events going on! We were hoping to make it to this one today but it rained all morning.

Children's museum:
I trevi and met a sweet mom in my bible study and she invited us to join them at the children's museum. It was seriously awesome! Another membership we will be asking for :)
Trevi and her new friend Juliana!

Checking out the statues! Juliana is just a few months younger than Trevi and sha has a little sister 6 days older than Harvey!

Saturdays without daddy:
We tried potty training for a few days and after many tears, an accident and a little girl who was holding it for wayyyy to long we decided to throw in the towel until a later date. She sure looks cute sitting on the potty though! 

A girl and the park! So in love!

Harvey tends to be fussy in the evenings so into the swing he goes!

The bath is by far his favorite part of the day!!!

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