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Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday in Pittsburgh!

We finally got a morning with daddy so we decided to show him Frick Park! Trevi got to practice riding her bike and she is actually getting pretty good at balancing!

It was a sunny and beautiful morning!

This girl worships her daddy!

See... Monkey child!

Doing a little more working out!

Push ups!

Helping daddy get fit!

My little buddy!

Mellon Park. We can walk from our house!

Post bath babies!

These two!

I may have actually captured both smiling!

I spy a reindeer on my back!

Practicing his batting and grasping skills!

Beautiful stained glass in our new church! It's a little distracting in a good way!

All ready for the game!

Go hawks!

Happy the hawks win! Sorry Denver!

I have two chins and chubby cheeks and I like it!

She holds her crayons correctly! I find this amazing!

I have a thing for puzzles... and geography! 

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