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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Moving day!

This will be our last post from Washington. Later today, Saturday September 6th, Trevi, Harvey and I hop on an airplane, with G, to Pittsburgh! We are so sad to be leaving all our friends and family but we are so excited to see daddy!!!

Trevi got to have a big girl sleep over with auntie Mich and the girls! There was very little sleeping to be had by all but it sure looked fun! 

This is why you own a minivan! When there are 16 cousins all under the age of 8 you tend to need a few extra seats! Here's Mich with 4 cute girls!

Lunch at the park courtesy of auntie Mich!

While Trevi was away Harvey got his 2 months shots. He basically slept them off with long naps and a great night of sleep!
2 months stats:
12lb 4.5 ounces
23.25 inches

He woke up very happy!

This little guy is getting more expressive everyday!

Not to bad way to spend his last evening at grandmas! 

Violet sure enjoyed holding Harvey! 

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