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Thursday, September 4, 2014

I decided it only seemed right to take one last trip to the zoo this week! G and Pa have graciously gifted us with a zoo pass the last 2 years for Christmas and we've definitely used them well! 

First stop... Elephants!

Memphis got the see the monkeys she requested!

Harvey's first trip to the zoo! He's clearly impressed!

Hi girls! 

For a Tuesday the zoo was dead! 
I love the contrast between a 1st born and a 3rd born. Trevi eats one cracker at a time where as Memphis inhales the whole bag in one bite and asks for more! I'm sure Memphis is ensuring her siblings don't take her share!

Me. Walrus was taking a nap!

Checking out the sea otters!

We have 2 more nights before we head out to Pittsburgh! It's bittersweet but mostly I'm ready to see Brett and our new home!

I needed a way to make dinner!

Trevi and I had a little date at Starbucks while waiting for Erica and Memphis to arrive!

Auntie time! It could be awhile before they meet up again :(

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