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Saturday, October 25, 2014

A day in our life!

I'd say Trevi is becoming quite the little artist... or am I a little biased?
Can you tell it's a shark?!?!

Fixing bikes with dad! He teachers her tons of awesome life lessons. I'm sure changing a tire is next!

Getting just the right tool!

Bri (Trevi's cousin) had a bear hunt birthday party and since we had already moved and Trevi didn't get to attend she sent Trevi all the stuff she needed for her own bear hunt! The bear happened to match her perfectly!

Looking for her bear!

Happy little man!

Future fireman?!?

Learning to grasp! and some serious overstimulation :)

Happy to have toys to play with!

these two little ones make my one very happy momma!

This was all her doing!

Baby Trump!

He could watch her all day!

Enjoying some tummy time!

Happy to have Trevi to watch while doing a little strength training!

Butterfly girl!

Butterfly boy!

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