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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Indoor Saturday Fun (Brrrrr)

It went from summer to fall in one day here. It was sunny and in the upper 70's Friday and then Saturday it was in the low 50's with wind and rain so we're spending more time inside.  We also got out our down comforter and Brett said he turned the heat on for the first time. I've embraced fall baking and I put on a pair of jeans for the first since I was 12 weeks pregnant with Harvey and that was the last time they fit! (think last January)

Trevi entertaining Harvey!
This was a Trevi and Daddy shenanigan!

Love these two! She truly loves to include him!

Bed time stories! 

Teaching Harvey how to do an airplane!

She is becoming more of a snuggle bug! We love it!

Espresso blondie brownies. Turned out more like cake than brownies... but who ever said no to cake anyways ;)

Afternoon smoothie! Thank you Vitamix!
Beet greens, plain greek yogurt, fresh ginger, parsley, carrot, frozen pineapple and coconut water!

She's seriously obsessed with guinea! Making sure he has dinner too!

Multi-tasking! Books and Baby Einstein!

I hope you're all enjoying fall more than I am. While I love the leaves changing and the yummy scent of pumping everywhere... I miss my flip flops, shorts, sunshine and warm breezes.

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