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Friday, October 3, 2014

While all our pictures are very random, I am actually being better about taking them so I can keep everyone updated on how the littles are, as Trevi would say, "growing like weeds!"

Dad's best friend!

tummy time!

we checked out the library with our friends Meg, Jules and Maddie!

Trevi and Jules are besties!


She is a short hair girl!


Chicken and dumplings! Thank you Pioneer Woman! They were so delicious and easy to make. Great meal for serving lots of people.

Being silly at lunch!

I think she looks like Grandma Heacox and Amy thinks she looks like Grandma Bo and Great grandma Marian! She's a good mix!

Harv Man!

Hi Guys!

Homemade frappacino! Love the vitamin and not spending money on coffee out!

Is this what it looks like when you make dinner?!

Thankfully I've gotten smart and I prep everything for dinner at lunch time so I can just throw it in the oven at dinner time. When you have two busy kids, no daddy around dinner time is a mad dash to get people fed without having the ability to actually prepare something at that moment.

Owl slippers!

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