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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Harvey is 3 Months Old!

Harvey is 3 months old today! Time sure flies when you're waking up in them middle of night and trying to keep two kids happy, fed and alive! ;) All kidding aside, it feels like Harvey has been part of our family for a lot longer than 3 months! Here's a few photos from his 3 month birthday!

First, I thought a little side by side comparison would be fun of the two little munchkins at the same age.  It's safe to say Trevi's 3 month birthday was much more exciting than Harvey's.  Sorry little man but I don't see a Maui trip in the near future but we promise to make life extra exciting to make up for it!

Definitely siblings!

Hmmm.... I see that the onesie may have fit one little on their 3 month birthday but not the other...
For Harvey's sake, we'll say it shrunk instead of commenting on his size ;)

Ok, enough about Trevi (sorry little lady but it's the little man's special day)

Happy 3 months Harvman!

Still a little unsure of this whole being awake and happy thing. He's probably thinking... feed me or put me back to bed!

Ok, I'll give it up a little for camera!

Holding a little zebra friend

Wonder what he's whispering in his ear?!?

Ahhh, there's a smile!

And... that's a wrap! Couldn't end soon enough he says!

At 3 months Harvey Nash:
*weighs approximately 13.5 pounds (according to our home scale)
*sleeps quite well (I usually feed him once in the night)
*naps quite well too (a short nap or two in the morning and one longer afternoon nap, followed by an evening snooze in the front pack)
*loves loves loves his bath (just like Trevi did)
*is pacifier free!!!
*falls asleep on his own in his crib after a few minutes of fussing
*has learned to put himself back to sleep during a nap (this took a few days to learn about 2 weeks ago)
*wears all 6 months clothes except pants and pi's. His legs are just too short for 6 month but his chest is too broad for 3 month)
*is mostly exclusively breast fed but I'm just starting to offer a bottle more (usually a bedtime)
*takes a bottle only moderately well 
*has just started getting a little formula mixed in his bottle
*loves to be swaddled (hello miracle blanket)
*hates to be rocked
*does well in the stroller
*is fascinated by his sister and will always look at her if she's around
*is drawn to the tv
*goes to sleep at 645pm like clockwork
*can make some cute noises like squeals, coos and more
*wears size 2 diapers
*would like to be held all day (this is impossible though)
*has lived in WA and PA
*been on 2 airplane rides (to move to Pittsburgh)

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Bob Heacox said...

What an awesome little family you two have started. No children ever had better parents or a better start to a wonderful future.