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Thursday, October 16, 2014

October Fun!

I've been running... at 6am sometimes... this was sunrise!

Harvey clearly enjoyed church!

Trevi and I had a little lunch date!

Brett captures some of the best moments!

Keeping an active girl entertained!

Blowing bubbles off the deck!

She figured out how to make bubbles

washing her pumpkin!

Hanging with my little man!

Sometimes in the evenings we go down to the street and wave to cars, bikers and runners!

Waiting for a bike!

Here comes one!


my little tree hugger!

Blue slide park!

Fall is here but it's still warm

A dream in Trevi's world!

She loves the field!

Fall trails

walking with the kiddos!

A sign that fall is in full swing even though you would't know it by the weather and humidity

Halloween decorations!

I felt like I was in Maui eating these banana coconut pancakes!

Best impulse buy! Thank you Trader Joe's!

Dinner in pi's. Probably because she didn't take them off all day!!!

Practicing his sitting!

Check out this outfit! Too funny! Sporty Spice today!

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