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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Despite the lack of sleep from the little miss (short naps and early mornings) I have been absolutely in love with her and having so much fun! Trevi has been happy, spunky, learning and as silly as ever! Here's what we have been up to:

 checking out Uncle Scott's new motorcycle!

 loves loves loves her sing along book!


 baby burrito!

 such a happy girl!

 we bought Trevi a little table to play with and eat at! She loves it!
thank you Ikea for cheap durable furniture!

 strawberry beanie!

 family photo session!

 showing her love of toothbrushes!

 give me that daddy!

 my turn!

 hi guys!

 breakfast at her new table!

 Trevi has learned how to jump!

 check out that air!

 she gets some serious height!

 serious tower of blocks!

 she is getting so great at using utensils!

enjoying her homemade mac!
find the recipe here!

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