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Thursday, May 16, 2013

I have added a few "pages" or tabs to my blog that you can check out! I added a bible study page where I plan to discuss any fun or interesting topics from our bible studies or book clubs.  I also made a staying active page where I will be logging some of my workouts, tips for working out and talking about my running progress! Lastly, today I created a cooking/eating blog where I will post recipes, shopping tips and other fun stuff that has to do with food! Check them out periodically!

Zoo Day
 It was a sunny afternoon and Trevi woke up from her nap a little earlier than usual so I decided to take her out to enjoy the weather! We headed to the zoo and said hi to all the animals there!!! T loves the zoo and practicing all her animal noises! Here are some shots from today!!!!

 a new baby cub!
Just 4 months old!

 the scary Lion fish- don't touch....

 ok, I had to make this photo huge because seriously, just look at that fish.  He looks like an old man with a tongue.... so strange. and check out those webbed hands/fins

 loving the colorful fish!

 the sharks are usually laying on the bottom of the tank in the very back. Today they were front and center!

 so cool!

 T looking at the shark swimming by!

 shark bait...

 my little yoda or as I like to call her: a baby burrito!

 cutie pie!

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