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Monday, May 27, 2013

Maui Day 1:

Well, it's just after 7am here in Maui (read the previous post to find out how I got here on such short notice!) and already Trevi and I have been to Safeway, took a little scenic drive, went for a run, played on the beach and now T is napping! That's what you get with a 4am wake up call due to the time change! If you are thinking my life sucks... think again! It was actually a nice little morning and since I went to bed at 845pm last night 4 am didn't feel as painful as usual!  I got to see the sunrise, wave good morning to other fellow joggers and hopefully start Trevi on a two nap schedule while here!

Before I post some pictures here's a great story for you all to enjoy! Since Trevi is under 2, there is no point in spending the money on an extra ticket until we have to so I take the risk and hope and pray I will get an extra seat for her so I can take her car seat on the plane.  Every other flight I have been successful.  However, I got to the airport yesterday and was told that there was no way.  The plane was not entirely full however there was no way to get 2 seats next to each other so I was destined to the plane ride from hell with an 18 month old on my lap. When trying to get her an extra seat at the gate ticket counter there is a fine line between being persistent enough but not so annoying that they want to kill you. So, I tried my best and even my parents tried a little. At the very last minute (like we were the only people not on the plane) my mom asked if she could upgrade my ticket to first class providing there were two seats next to each other and I could have one and Trevi could have have the other.  The lady said it was too late and not possible. So down the jet bridge we go. I settle into my seat with T on my lap and my parents settle in their seats.  At the very last possible minute my mom asks one the flight attendants the same questions (could she buy a first class upgrade and send me up there) she explained that the lady at the counter could not do it and maybe she could pay on the plane instead. He said no but seemed sympathetic and sort of confused that the ticket counter didn't do as my mom had asked.  Next thing I know another flight attendant comes to me with a ticket in first class with an open seat next to it!!!!!!!!!!!! (we didn't even pay) So, there T and I go up to first class! I did ask if I could get her car seat out of cargo but was told it was too late however I am thankful we didn't get it! She literally sat in her seat the WHOLE time! Never tried to get up or unbuckle her seat belt! She was an angel and really seemed to fit the bill for first class :)

all ready to go!

sitting in coach with an 18 month old on my lap with my happy face on but secretly freaking out

fits right in at first class
her first and last time in first class I'm sure!

just taking a little snooze in first class!

resting! her feet barely went over the edge of the seat!
Fly Hawaiian!

it's 4am and were headed somewhere so we don't wake my parents up! haha

 playing at the park 1/2 way through my run!

 park girl!

 watching the sun rise over Haleakala!

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