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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Maui photo bomb!

Chasing birds!

Wearing grandma's visor!

Soooo tired but enjoying her whiles foods lunch!

Walking with grandma in the tide pools

Little footprints!

Running to see grandpa and grandma down the beach!

Playing in the tide pools 

Happy feet!

Searching for fish!

The tide pools are helping her warm up to the beach!

Beautiful view!

Morning beach walk!

Good morning mom!! Look, it was finally light when she woke up! 545am this morning!!!

Learning to use the sprayer!

Playing in her pool!

Fro yo!

Breakfast of champions!

Making sure the pool gets cleaned for our swims!

Toes in the sand!!!

Still a little unsure of the beach! 

Grandma got her a baboo at the store!!

Enjoying thetride pools!

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