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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Let me just start by saying... WOW I love the sunshine! Also, the lack of posts is not because of a lack of fun things it's quite the opposite actually! We have been so busy and having such a great time in the sunny weather! Sorry for the mass amount of photos!!!


 this is how I found Trevi after she had been sleeping for 4 hours.  I didn't have the heart to wake her!

 smoothie time!

 she is seriously obsessed with the truck! She never wants to get out!

 sunny day on the water!

 Trevi is a great little co-captain!

 she just stands there and lets dad do all the work! Notice the muscles in his arms!

 I hope the video works!

 playing at the beach!

 first boating of the summer!

 zoo day!

their probably about the same age actually!

snuggling with dada!

 project number one of Brett's 8 day break from work!

 driveway before...


Best Christmas present ever!

Trevi loves her chair! Such a big girl!

first caterpillar!

reading with daddy!

going on a truck ride around the neighborhood!

Project number 2!!! A new shed!
 I had the feed the workers! This is what I call "man food"!
 Trevi trying to help by not getting in the way!

the flooring! Thank goodness for a handy husband, helpful friends and a supportive family!


I have a second coat to add to the walls and some more clean up so there is yet to be a final picture but let me tell you... she's a beaut!

 we had no trouble enjoying the nice weather between the projects! Here's T playing at my parents house! Finally warm enough for a swim suit!

 beach day with the other Teo's!

 more boating pictures!

 she could not get enough of standing up and enjoy the breeze!

 checking out the homes!

 my girl!


 one happy girl! Happy 18th months my dear!

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