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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Time and time again Trevi is teaching me patience and helping to learn to let go of my control issues! There have been many things I wanted Trevi to do or not do (drink from a sippy cup, wear pig tails, ditch the pacifier, brush her teeth, use utensils, etc.) and I try try try and try again and we battle, fight, cry, and then I finally give up.  It never fails that once I finally give up and stop battling with her she seems to figure it out on her own! Pig tails for example  I have been trying to get this girl to wear a headband, clip, or pig tails for soooooo long now and every time it was such a battle.  I would try to force her and she would get up set and pull them out.  So, finally I just decided it was not a big deal and I stopped trying.  Well, today I asked her if she wanted them in her hair and she said yes.  I figured she would rip them out straight away but instead she wore them for the whole morning and again in the afternoon! She did pull them out in the car but let's be honest she gets bored in the car.  So, for all you control freak out there just relax and let them figure it out on their own time! Now, I am not saying to let your kids run the show and you just fold every time they don't do something you want.... you are still the parent after all... but sometimes it's not worth the battle. Especially for vanity sake, which all my issues were.  

Just a side note, all the things listed above have been figured out since I relaxed about it and let her figure it out! She can use a sippy cup, she will let me brush her teeth and she actually asks many many times a day for her tooth brush, she ditched the pacifier cold turkey Easter and she can eat cherrios and milk along with everything else with utensils!!!

 the pig tails!

 pig tails! and yes, she loves to use q-tips and no I don't let her jam them into her ears!


 see... not a battle worth fighting. She hated them.... :(

Mini Cooking School
On another note, Trevi and I had a birthday party to go to this afternoon! Happy 40th Uncle Mike!! So we decided what is better than cookies for your birthday! Trevi and I spent the morning in cooking school where she not only learned the valuable lesson of making chocolate chip cookies but she also learned how delicious the batter is!

 she measured, stirred and...


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